MAGPIE was created between a group of friends that wanted to share simplistic and unique designs that emphasize what we love most. The name Magpie was created for our love of the motherland, Bangladesh. Magpie birds are often found soaring the skies above villages, spreading their great wings. After coming to America, I had spotted a black Magpie on a trip, and it brought back emotions from when I was younger.

Now with this company, I am lucky enough to share my love for both Bangladesh and America. Moving to New York and finding new interests in the city grew my creativity in design. My goal is to share my designs and apparel ideas with you! 

Our values are to create a community with diversity and to build a strong relationship with our customers. We appreciate any and all support from you, and hope you stick around through our journey!

-Mohammad Mahmud

CEO & Founder of MAGPIE